Manually Operated Mini Paddy Thresher

Bachelor's Project

India accounts of more than 70% of its population involved in agriculture. Hence it is obvious for big companies and government organization to focus on big machines which can thresh in large amount. But in hilly areas where average farm size is less than 0.4 hectare, and it limit the product to around 400 kg per household, it becomes almost impossible for them to buy such machines. Considering all such conditions, we decided to make a Mini Paddy Thresher which can be operated manually and hence affordable to small scale farmers. Prior to its design and analysis, we collected all necessary suggestions of small scale farmers. They were threshing efficiency, threshing rate, portability, ease of use etc. This paddy thresher contains a cylinder with spokes on it which is connected to shaft and a handle. The grains are separated by rubbing and impact action between spokes and concave. This entire setup is very compact. So just by human effort one can use this thresher effectively without depending on external factors.

CAD model designed in the SolidWorks.

Check out the complete project here.